About Cypress

Australian White Cypress (Callitris glaucophylla) grows in a band stretching from the Victorian border and into Queensland. Victorians sometimes refer to it as Murray Pine and it shouldn't be confused with Black Cypress found mainly in coastal areas.

Although classed as a softwood, White Cypress is a hard timber, hard enough to be used as a flooring timber. It's much sought after for its remarkable resistance to decay, termite resistance and for its natural beauty.

White Cypress is suitable for most applications in and around your home! It is the natural alternative to CCA treated pine with most of the same benefits but without the now recognised health concerns of the treated pine timber.

Natural Advantages of Cypress

  • Durability - White Cypress has a durability rating of Class 1 . Durability is measured by the amount of decay in the timber when buried in the ground. Class 1 is the highest rating given to timbers by the CSIRO.
  • Termite Resistance - Cypress is highly resistant to termite attack and does not require impregnation with dangerous chemicals to make it so. It's naturally durable and worthwhile considering particularly in the Sydney region where termites have reached epidemic proportions.
  • Minimal Shrinkage - Yes, it also has minimal shrinkage. In fact with an average of just 2.5% it has the lowest shrinkage of all Australian commercial timbers.
  • Unique Figure and Grain - The unique figure & grain in cypress with it's vaiances make it ideal for that special feature in and around your home.